Nicola Lisa

Hello and thank you for viewing my art. I like to think of my work as bright and cheerful, a little something in a frame to bring on a smile. When creating my contemporary artwork I use a variety of media such as acrylic paints, inks, acrylic pens and pigment sticks. I find inspiration within the natural world, I enjoy all plants and flowers in particular. While I do not practice botanical illustration in its truest sense I do revel in colour and floral shapes and the layering of both elements. I have a degree in education and have studied Illustration at degree level. These images of my previous work show a variety of my creativity and painting style. If you would like to commission a piece of artwork featuring certain colours or floral shapes please use the contact form below.


Hello! Thank you for visiting. If you would like to discuss a commission, please send me an email. [email protected]